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AV Digital is a full service video production company specializing in videotaping and editing special occasion events.  These events include weddings, bar mitzvahs, retirements and school graduations, to mention a few.   We have also recorded and edited many promotional tapes for businesses and churches.  At AV Digital, we are able to work with most any format such as VHS, SVHS, 8 mm and the newest format, mini DV.  We can output our productions  to all these formats mentioned, and also including interactive CD-ROM, Video CD, and very soon, DVD.   Our video projects are produced with excellent results, using the Emmy winning and ageless Newtek Video /Toaster/Flyer system.  The Toaster/Flyer system is second to none in achieving a low cost, broadcast quality production.  Throughout every project we undertake, we believe that quality, customer focus, and attention to detail are essential for a great production that will be cherished for many years.  Our proven formula for producing a quality video project is: 

Low Overhead  +  Strong Work Ethic  +   Customer First  +  Latest Technology Equipment  =   a Low Cost, Broadcast Quality Video, that will exceed the customer's expectations for any video project.

Now, as if that was not enough, we are expanding our business to focus on younger customers...babies and toddlers; for whom we are excited and proud to present the new Baby Look & Learn TM series.  The Baby Look & Learn TM series will focus on videos to stimulate the intelligence of infants and toddlers, the most crucial age of human development.  For information on our newest video (and music CD), click on  Classical Ocean Views.

Please remember to consider AV Digital for all you video needs and check back with us for new products and updates.



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